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Email Marketing is a process to communicate with group of people by sending them commercial messages through direct mails. Direct marketing strategy leads to success and confirmed customer interaction and interest in your business. It contains any sort of invitations, professional emails, request for business, etc., which attracts the user interaction towards your well designed and well maintained email templates. It’s right, html/pictorial interaction is the master key in achievement of your target as User or viewer doesn’t want to spend long hours in reading notes and blogs. The ideally customized interactive template emails help your viewer to know more about your products and services. Your Email will create the first impression for your business, which helps to generate required leads.

“Hippo Mail” provides the finest email marketing service around the globe. It has multi-functional features which include exciting templates to build an email campaign for target users. It is crafted by HTS and it is inclusive of all the features which will be ideal according to the needs of clients who wish to send large number of e-mails to their target audience. Hippo Mail is designed according to today’s set standard of advertising. It is enabled with all the features which are well off to attract the end users.

Why Hippo-Mails?

Hippo-Mail provides user friendly platform through which you can send numerous emails to target audience. Hippo-Email offers some exciting features by which:

  • You can track real time status of your email campaigns any time. It will show the bounce rates, CTR, open rates. Etc., for successful measurements.
  • You can explore much more functionalities because of its user friendly design. It’s easy to create an email, import contact list from spreadsheets, and send them which         complete tracking reports. Design of Hippo-Emails is quite familiar to its users.
  • You can use our free service for 60 days trail period. After these days, you each email will be charged as per our pricing policy.
  • As an end user, you have to sign up through sign up page and a login id will be provided to you. You can track real time report of your email campaigns.