Flexible Design:

content_img_3Choose suitable design from our database which has exciting templates. Now drag, drop, edit is even simple than ever. Create your email campaigns like professionals and customize them as per your business need.

Powerful Automation Tool:

content_img_3Hippo-Mails offers robust automation tool to make sure that your Mails get deliver to the right people at right time. Track your customers through email behavior, preferences and previous email reports. You can build custom rules via built-in segmentation.

Advanced Analytics:

content_img_3Hippo-Mails offers you advanced analytics option to track real time status of your email campaigns. Track your sent mails behavior to measure the bounce rates, click through rates (CTR), open rates and many more. It’s now easy to monitor sales and user interaction in your website via email campaign.

Contact Management:

content_img_3Import and add your contacts effortlessly for creating a contact list in your email segment. It’s now easy and simple to find contacts from your list, edit and modify contacts of individual during email campaigns.

HTML Editor:

content_img_3You don’t like our templates? Don’t worry. Create your own campaigns out here via HTML editor and give professional looks using our exciting mojo.

Affordable in Price:

content_img_3Try our 60-days trial period to enjoy the service. We believe in complete satisfaction. You will get some limited access during this trial period. We also offer affordable pricing policy towards our customer. Choose the best suited subscription policy.