How It Works

Step 1 : - Create List

Get Started to Create a Contact List:

Creating a contact list in Email Campaign is the first and foremost activity for every sender. This list will include details about the recipient such as First name, last name, email ID, contact number, etc. Normally, this will be the group of contact list of the recipients. Anyone who’s in this list will automatically receive the email positively.

Step 2 : - Import Contacts:

Now it’s easy to import your recipients in Hippo-Mails without any headache. You do not have to enter details of every recipient manually. Hippo-Mails support CSV file. Enter hundreds or thousands of recipients email IDs in a single CSV file and import it from your system. Make sure every email id should be valid and spam free. Hippo-Mails does not take any responsibility about invalid email IDs.

You can create separate contact list based on your recipients such as prospects, customers and leads or based on your email campaign.

Manually Add Contacts:

If you have handful list of contacts, you do not need to import them through any CSV file. It’s a quick way to add these contacts individually. Use the “Add Contacts” form to add the contacts one by one.

Step 3 : - Getting Stated with Email Templates:

Use our build-in professional email templates in your campaign. We have hundred of sample templates for different categories. Choose the best suited for your business promotion and customize it according to your need.

Upload your own HTML Template:

Do you have your own template for this campaign? No need to choose template from our library. Now you can upload your own HTML template editor in Hippo-Mails, include it in your email campaign, customize it as per your requirement and send it to the targeted recipients. Really, it’s easy and time saving.