Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
“Hippo E-Mails” is an Email Marketing service provider which is a product of HTS Solutions Pvt Ltd. We have created this Privacy Policy statement to protect your privacy among outside misuse. Our customer privacy is our first commitment. It’s really important for us. During the usage of Hippo-Mails, we gather personal and professional information of visitors or customers via chatting and keeping them secure in our database. We are really appreciating your trust upon our service and we are thankful to you. Please go through the following Hippo-Mails privacy policy to gather information about why, how and what information we collect from our customers. We do not sell any sort of list or contact Mails to anyone. Your details are safe and secure with us.

1.Visitor/Customer Information:
Hippo-Mails provide you the opportunity to be a part of its amazing email marketing service. Whether you are just a visitor or a customer, this policy is application for you. It gives an for visitors to register here to send professional, promotional and informational Mails to thousand of target users. You can try our 15 days free trial service to evaluate its service. During registration process, we require visitor’s name, address, Email-ID, contact number, business details, etc., for customer verification. This customer verification process is quite important to find out the correct visitor, not any spam or unauthorized involvement. Do not worry about your personal data. These are secure with us. We commit the safety of your personal information. Apart from these activity, we can use your personal information like name, email id, contact details to provide your support in future. We have also secure payment zone in our website, in which your credit card/debit card information is totally secure. We utilize the SSL encryption for these sensitive information.

2. Type of User:
If you are a new user/visitor of Hippo-Mails, first you have to use our Free trial service for 15 days. During signup process, we request you to provide your personal information. We normally use these information for promotion or support purpose. If you’re a paying member, then you have to provide your correct bank details (bank name, account number, credit card/debit card details) in a secure server. Your sensitive information will not be leaked outside. Even they will not be stored in our database. Subscribe our newsletter option to keep yourself update related to our services. If you do not want to receive any newsletter further from our side, related to our promotional information, support and billing information, you can opt-out them by putting a mail to . You will no longer be our subscriber any more.

3.Use of Customer Information:
We collect our customer information and use them for several reasons. For example, if you visit our website and leave your personal information in it, we may contact you. If you do not sign up for any of our service, then we may send you several Mails for asking you to use our services. If you have sign up for one service, then we may send mail to use our other services. Apart from promotion service, we use your personal credentials to send you some sort of system alert messages. These messages may include our latest updates, releases, changes in our services, etc.

4.Public Information:
We have blog in our website. We include latest updates related to our services in it. Public can view it by anytime and anywhere. Anyone can read the blogs. We do not include any personal information of our customer in it. If you find anything in our blog, then you can mail us at to remove them. Apart from blogs, we use social media widgets in our website. Follow our social media pages to keep yourself update every time. Pages are publicly available and anyone can like or follow our pages.

5.Campaign Content:
We provide you a platform to send Hippo Mails at a time from promotional purpose. Sometimes we review our customer’s content in campaign and check them whether they follow our terms and conditions or not. If yes, then it’s good to go. If not, we do not allow the account to send any mail further form our portal. We sincerely request you, if you want to send some personal message or information, then please do not use Hippo-Mails. Our customer’s privacy is our first policy.