Hippo-Mails Services

Hippo-Mails provides better professional Email Marketing services which will provide users support and they can roll out their email marketing strategies so that they can ensure a success email campaign. We are always here to help you out. Yes, we are the problem solvers. Here are some basic but essential services from Hippo-Mails. Please go through them.

Professional Design Services:

content_img_2As a business man or a company owner, you have much more strategies for bringing leads to your business. We are here to help you out. Our creative designers have designed some amazing professional templates which are worth for a best email campaign. They can lead to a maximum outcome result. These templates can low the bounce rates and high the CTR of your email campaigns. These templates are responsive for every device. After designing, we provide you its HTML code as a backup design. Our templates have much more features like drag and drop functionality, so that you can add any sort of media file in your template.

Campaign Analytics:

content_img_3An Email Campaign is said to be successful, if and only if after successful delivery to the inbox. This process starts right after clicking on send button in campaign. Hippo-Mails is providing such a functionality through which you can easily track the bounce rate, open rate, CTR, etc., of the specific campaign. Analyze users activity on your Mails and make strategy to future. You can read the user’s mind and need by this amazing facility.

Campaign Management:

content_img_2We are here to help you in campaign management. If you are a beginner and you do not know how to create and manage an email campaign, do not worry. Our Expert team is here. We will help you in plan your campaign, start it, deploy it and track the post campaign performance report. Expert team will guide you in complete analysis of campaign report during ongoing process. It’s quite important to analyze during ongoing process to find some crucial data..


Data Integration:

content_img_3Now it’s easy to integrate data in your campaign. You can upload number of email IDs in your contact list to create an email list for your campaign. Target Mails should be valid and unique. Any violation in this policy may cause campaign failure. Apart from importing data, you can export campaign performance report in excel sheet to make successful campaign strategy in future.