Terms and Conditions

Hippo-Mails Terms and Conditions
Thank you so much for using Hippo-Mails service. You are reading this Terms and Conditions page because, you are interested in our service. Thanks for showing interest in our service. Through these information, you will get to know, how we keep you data secure, protect your privacy, do’s and do not’s in Hippo-Mails, handling user accounts in Hippo-Mails, etc. We suggest you to read and accept all these Terms and Condition sections before using our service. Go through this. If you have still any query in your mind, please drop us a line at support@Hippo-Mails.com.

Terms of Use:
Please read the following Terms of use carefully before using Hippo-Mails service. This information is one sort of legal argument. If you are signing up in Hippo-Mails, you are bound to accept this legal agreement.

Hippo-Mails is an Email Marketing service provider, which offers Email-Marketing service through www.Hippo-Mails.com. Through this service, you can create, develop, manage, send number of Mails at a same time to number of recipients. Hippo-Mails is owned and operated by HTS Solutions Pvt. Ltd, based in Noida, India. As you have signed up with us, now you are a member of Hippo-Mails operating family. We believe in complete user satisfaction which is the biggest key point of business growth.

1. Services and Support:
1.1 All services and support by Hippo-Mails are subject without any limitation in this agreement. This service is also subject to Hippo-Email’s Privacy Policy. We can moodily the terms and conditions anytime. Be sure. Any sort of modification in terms will not affect in your account privacy. We will definitely inform you related to any changes in our terms and conditions and in our website.

1.2. During registration process, you must provide complete and correct information of yours. Any false information may lead to account deactivation process. We do not take any sort of responsibility related to your account security. You will be responsible for password change, personal information leak of your personal account. We may contact our clients anytime for further services and enquiry.

2. Eligibility:
To use the services of Hippo-Mails, you must:
2.1 Complete Registration Process.

2.2 Have to agree and accept all Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Provide accurate, correct and updated information during registration process.

3. Payment:
3.1 Hippo-Mails provide 15 days free trial for all its users. User will use its

3.2 After successful completion of 15 days, User must have to select appropriate plan for your business.